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03-14-2005, 04:59 AM
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Originally Posted by TiesRLikeWins4Us
Thats true, I guess the ref just suggests it in the report.. I know you didn't see it, but what would you have given me?
Referees cannot suggest suspensions in reports. If he does, the league will disregard it (or remove it from the report) and make the decision based on the written description of the incident and any video, shall it be available.

Based on your description, if you hit a guy after the buzzer when he is already on his knees at the boards, and he's not even the guy who got you, I'm thinking intent to injure. It may not be your intention, but as a referee, my thinking would be that you just got nailed with a stick to the head and you're obviously looking to lay a licking on somebody. If you get the guy who got you, I might take it a little easy with the penalties as long as you don't go overboard in your retaliation. However, going after somebody else, who is already in a semi-defenseless position, erases any retaliation consideration in my mind, and I'd be more likely to throw the book at you too.

Either way, being a major incident, I would consult with my linesmen to get their opinions before making my final call.

All I can say for sure, is that I would call at least a major (I know in USA Hockey a Game Misconduct is not automatic with majors), with possibilities of a Match Penalty (intent to injure) and/or a Gross Misconduct (making a travesty of the game).