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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
I would say that it wasn't just one coach that disliked Pouliot. He had issues with every single coach within this organization. It took a coach who was very familiar with him, in that he works with him every offseason, to even consider bringing Pouliot on. At a certain point, it's no longer just a coincidence that coaches do not care for his attitude or work ethic.

Even Martin who has the utmost trust in the kid demoted him down to the 3rd and 4th lines, even sat him a game because he couldn't be responsible on the ice. Nor was he producing on the Gomez line, going 20+ games without tallying a goal, which is now stretched up to 30+.

When you spend your entire professional career in an organization and build up the reputation Pouliot did here, of coarse he's going to have to earn his way into ice time with capable players. If not, you're heading down a slippery slope while the other players see his lack of commitment and work ethic only to be rewarded for doing not much of anything to get there.

In both Pouliot and Latendresse cases, they were moved to a new situation to start anew without the burdens they carried with their previous organizations. Thus it's much more understandable to give them a shot on the top lines because they do not carry the same baggage with them.

I agree with a lot of your other points, just not this one. Pouliot worked his way out of ever earning a legitimate shot with this organization. And like it or not, that rests squarely on his shoulders.
I agree with you, it's the responsibility of the player, it shouldn't be a management did this or that. Still, there is a balance, both pouliot and latendresse didn't have much confidence in their previous teams. Many hab fans will disagree but this year, even while not scoring, pouliot was very involved, he wanted to do well. He really needs more strenght though, people would criticize him because he'd hit a player and practically bounce off but I saw the willingness. He tried, i think ANYONE will lose motivation and work ethic if they don't want to be somewhere. At work, if your boss is suddenly an *******, I doubt your productivity rate will go up. Still, it's part of being a professional, and it was up to pouliot to do everything in his power to get out of that hole. I just hope he doesn't go in same one in montreal.

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