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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post

RFA's that can not be taken to arbitration CAN receive offer sheets (but there'll be compensation if offer is not matched).....I suppose it's a way to protect players who are worth more from cheap GM's who are unwilling to pay them their value. Makes sense.

RFA's that can be taken to arbitration are not allowed offer sheets (but if the team does not take them to arbitration than he becomes UFA)....They're given arbitration so there is no longer a need to protect them via allowing other teams to make offers. If their GM's are cheap, they become UFA. Makes sense.
Almost right!

Once an RFA with arbitration eligibility is taken to arbitration OR takes the club to arbitration, either one, then RFA offer sheets (with compensation to the club) can no longer be accepted by the player. However, as long as a qualifying offer was made, and no arbitration was elected, then the player does NOT become UFA if the club and him cannot come to an agreement. He simply can receive offer sheets, which are his protection.

If a team takes a player to arbitration, it MUST accept the arbitrator's award, which will be for one or two years, at the player's option, unless only one year remains until UFA status.

If the player takes the TEAM to arbitration, and the team elects for a one year ruling, the team is not obligated to accept the ruling but can walk away and allow the player to become UFA.

If the player with two or more RFA years left takes the TEAM to arbitration, and the team elects a TWO year ruling, then the team MUST accept the ruling for the first year, and can announce it will walk away from the second year and allow the player to go UFA after the first year elapses.

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