Thread: Confirmed with Link: Boucher will meet the Jackets
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05-30-2010, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by MontrealHabitant View Post
I don't think Cinderella run's count, we clearly are middle of the pack team again, with a bad draft pick, an outdated system and still are without this star player upfront. Technically, we've been like this for the past 20 years
That outdated system out foxed two Cup favorites.

That middle of the pack team beat Crosby and Ovechkin.

Late draft picks, while obviously not ideal, are not exactly a kiss of death. We'll get a very good player.

To me, that run whether lucky or not, did a world of good. We saw what players can and cannot do in the playoffs. We may have largely settled the goalie debate. We know Cammy and Gionta are solid playoff performers. We gave Subban the chance to shine at the highest level. We know what we really have in Gill and Gorges. Had the season ended in game 4 against Washington, people on this forum (and god forbid the organization) would probably believe: Cammelleri is still an unproven playoff commodity, Hal Gill is too slow for the modern game, Carey Price is still the number one goalie, Brian Gionta had a mediocre first season and is overpaid, PK Subban may not be ready next year, Dominic Moore wasn't worth a draft pick... etc.

All the guys on this club gained valuable experience and we learned a lot about this roster, which will shape it moving forward with much more information than it otherwise would have been available.

I know the fun narrative on these boards is that Martin is an idiot and Boucher should replace him, but fact is, for all the celebration... Both men took their teams to the Conference Finals. Boucher did it with what is generally considered a "good team" and Martin with what you call a middle of the pack team. Who then really is the better coach? The guy who gets a good team where you expect or the guy who gets a middle of the pack team well beyond where you expect?

I know this is Hockey's "Future," but for once, try and consider the fact that GMs and Coaches are there to win now... not in five years. This Boucher/Martin thing is just the latest symptom in the eternal whine on this board that would see us rebuilding forever because anyone with more than 5 NHL games experience is clearly not as good as some kid we just drafted.

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