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03-14-2005, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by DeathFromAbove
Yes, but look at the requirements for a bona fide offer. No specified dollar amount short of NHL minimum and the Kings can bury him in the AHL at minimum AHL wage if they wanted (2 way contract with salary while in the AHL specified by the NHL team in the provisions of the deal not to be less than AHL minimum wage). Bona fide offer is not going to be difficult to tender. Would Steckel want to play for minimum AHL wage? Probably not. So the Kings will have no problem meeting the requirements for a bona fide offer.

Edit - opps, beat me to it.
I'm sure the Kings could come up with a Bona Fide offer that's not very attractive to the Steckel camp. I think there are a few things working in Steckel's favor:

He has shown steady improvement and effort...
He has picked-up on the scoring and physical play as asked...
The Kings system doesn't have a lot of centers that are likely to play in the AHL next year. I can't imagine that either Murray or Boyle would leave college for the AHL or that the Euros would come over without an NHL deal...
It's my understanding that the AHL limit on Veterans will be reduced by one more next year to 4 and as such those spots will be at a premium. Steckel is not a veteran...

I guess my thought is, sure the Kings could "low-ball" Steckel but is it really in their best interest to do so? They'd still have to acquire a replacement for him and yes, they might find one in the draft or through free-agency. We'll see...

edit: Right now I think Jeff Miles is playing for a Monarch's center spot next season. Miles also plays on the wing and does a good job out there as well. So it could be Ryan, Steckel and Miles at center next season.

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