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[QUOTE=saywut;26059724]He wasn't doing it here because he was stuck on the 4th line with Derek Boogaard. When did Pouliot ever get the chance to continuously play in our top-6? I can't remember seeing him there for more than 5 straight periods in the regular season.[QUOTE]

I can't think of a time when Pouls was in the top 6 regularly, but he was a major disappointment his whole career here and got angry when he was demoted.

Originally Posted by saywut View Post
#12 for #16, 77 and 182
Columbus got #26, 37, 62, and 92 for #16 and 77.
Why didn't we just make the one simple trade down from #12 to #26(Leddy would have been here, or else we would have got a better player from my POV), adding 37(You could say Budish, Werek, Shore, Chiasson, etc. THIS IS THE FREEBIE WE ADD IN THIS SITUATION), #62(you can say Hackett here) and #92.
Islanders made both those trades, so don't tell me we couldn't have got that package.
How soon was the trade made with Columbus? Was it early on in the draft? Also, maybe we thought that a guy who we wanted to take would be there at #12, and then he got taken and so we decided to move back to #16? Maybe the Isles thought that de Haan would be there at #16 and thought it was worth a 3rd and 7th? I think that the trade was worth it, but it's too hard to tell what we could have had since we weren't involved in the negotiations.

Originally Posted by saywut View Post
He made us better, costing us picks in the draft, while he was certainly not going to make us a playoff contender. And now were paying him 2.33M for this year as well. You don't make this trade, we lose ~6points in the standings(would have made us into the top-5), still have 2.33M more cap space and our 2nd in 2011, which gives us the option of trying to sign an RFA this summer.
We finished as the 9th worst team in the NHL, and even though we weren't playoff "contenders," isn't the goal every year to make the playoffs? I don't think that we should be trying to lose. I like the trade because he wanted Kobasew's speed, grit, experience, and a little scoring touch. He was hurt for a lot of the year. We wouldn't be trying to sign a RFA either way.

Originally Posted by saywut View Post
We gave up on a 1st round pick in 8 months to help a cap-starved team shed a 3M contract of a player who was their #6 d-man, while allowing them to have our best d-man as a rental(and no, its not debatable, KJ was our best d-man). Why didn't we just deal KJ for a pick/prospect and keep our 1st round pick? How does Barker fit an up-tempo system when he can barely skate? How does spending 3+M on a #5 d-man(Schultz or Barker, your pick) help us improve our forward group? Between this and the Kobasew trade we lost almost 5.5M of cap space, and what did we get out of it? 2 bodies we could have signed equal talents for half the price in UFA?
What realistically could we expect to get back from a Johnsson deal at the deadline? A 2nd round pick and a prospect? Those are two things that may pan out(as I realize is the same with Barker), however, I feel that Barker has already proven 40 points on the Hawks, and he could flourish with us. I'll take Barker over a 2nd and prospect anyday.

I personally think a d-man will be traded this offseason, thus allowing to not have $3.5M on the blueline and maybe a cheaper alternative. We lost about $5.33M of cap space in the deals for this year, but we need to primarily fill out our forward core now as the defensive one is set.

Originally Posted by saywut View Post
Brodziak trade meant nothing to me because it was GMCF saying he wanted a familiar guy instead of Olvecky/Fritsche as a player on this team. Picks outside the top couple rounds are pretty much irrelevant as well, especially with TT running the draft.
Picks are a crapshoot throughout the draft it seems, but I think Brodziak is better than Olvecky/Fritsche, but that's just me.

Originally Posted by saywut View Post
One move made sense, and that was because our coach disliked Benoit Pouliot. The draft trade-down was the right idea, just the lack of return on a huge reach was disappointing.
This was the last of TT's doings, it's nice to see him gone with a full season of scouting being ran by GMCF's crew. The trade down thing was better than nothing if you ask me.

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