Thread: Confirmed with Link: Boucher will meet the Jackets
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05-30-2010, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Oh, grow-up kiddo. Haven't you had enough sourgrapes from arguments you had with me? Has he signed yet? Nope. Let's wait until he does.
I don't know what you're talking about.

Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Wanting to see what's out there? Professional courtesy from both the Habs and Boucher?

I never said there was no willingness. Your nuancing my own words.
Am not.

I can dig up the thread where you go crazy about how Boucher would NEVER sign with another team. And you knew that because you had read ALL articles and listened to EVERY interviews and you were the foremost expert on all things Boucher. You knew him like he was your own kid.

The process is : Jackets contact Habs, Habs out of professional courtesy, like most teams do, allow talks, then Habs probably talked to Boucher first (of all odds), Boucher then decides if he wants the interview or not.
We're not at that point anymore. Boucher has had the interview, or will have it if we are to believe this link that was provided.

When a professional organization of an elite team offers you an interview, it would be unprofessional to not hear them out. Doesn't mean he'll sign, doesn't mean he won't sign
No, if you don't have any interest in a job you don't go to an interview.

What would be unprofessional is to go to an interview with zero intent on accepting the job. What if the jackets decide Boucher is the man and offer him the job. Declining at that point after having gone through the interview process would be unprofessional.

Then it comes down to the same things as before. Boucher believing he needs to take his time in the AHL. If he now believes he is ready, he might go for it, I never doubted that. But it's still all tied to whether he believes or not he is ready. Yet everybody here except me are acting as if they KNOW that Boucher has already made up his mind about whether he is ready or not, whether his own advice shouldn't be followed. And yet, the usual suspects come out and react against me, instead of all the premature conclusions.... just shows what you're all made of.
No. Everyone is assuming there's a chance he might feel he's ready and take the job.

YOU were assuming that he wasn't ready wayyyy back when that first thread was created.

Honestly, I don't really care. But you were so high and mighty over it last time that it would be absolutely hilarious if he did sign with another team.

What's even funnier is your unwillingness to admit you went way overboard the last time this was discussed.

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