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Originally Posted by saywut View Post
So you think trading 12 for 16 and 77 was better than 12 for 26 37 62 92? I guess we disagree. Especially considering the guy we reached for at 16(Leddy), who many had as a 2nd round prospect. I look at 37 as a freebie pick(92 as well, but that aint much of a pick) compared to what we got, and we could have taken the Minnesotan there to please you guys(Budish).

I feel the difference between 12 and 16 was as great as the difference between 16 and 26, considering the depth of the draft(at 12 Kulikov and Kassian were the only guys I'd put above the next 15-20).
Yes and no. Obviously the overall package in the (hypothetical) 12-26 deal is better than the 12-16 deal, but in my opinion the 12-16 deal is a better bang for its buck and the Wild would need to get more out of the Islanders. A low first and mid-high second doesn't exactly the #12 pick in my eyes (even if you don't want to use it), but if there was something around 12 for 26, 31, 37 and 92 I would be singing a different tune.

As it is, a mid-third for moving down four spots and getting the player you want is still not that bad of a deal. Yes it's no Dougie Ballgame (and my guess is most NHL GMs shared your viewpoint about there still being plenty of good players which brought down interest and leverage from the teams in the area), but you take the deal which helps out your team the most or use your pick.

And on another tangent: I don't care about taking Minnesota players unless they help the Wild win a Stanley Cup - that's the only thing that matters about NHL hockey. If you want to watch a team of all Minnesotans, that's what following the Gophers and just watching Minnesotans throughout the NHL is for.

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