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Originally Posted by saywut View Post
To me, its more who we picked at #16. I do not know of anyone who had him top-20, many had him out of the top-30-40. Thats why I'd rather have seen us move down to #26 if Leddy was "the guy".

And yes, teams did not want to move up. The Islanders didn't even want to move up, they just figured they might as well give up a 3rd to ensure they got their guy, and GMCF was happy with anything he could get to stay in the top-20.

If the Islanders had the only offer on the table for #12 when we were up there, I'm taking Zach Kassian. And who knows, maybe Buffalo would have tossed us a sweetener and put us back on the clock at 13, and we trade with the Islanders then. Hell, Columbus wanted our #16 to take John Moore so we could have traded down again. If not, we come out of it with Kassian and no Hackett. Haula, we could have probably taken instead of Hamburg anyways, so that pick doesn't worry me. It seems like a TT motto though, he wants a specific guy and tells the GM to get him(Gillies, Cuma, and Leddy), and not willing to risk losing them has been our problem.
That's fine but your argument has more to do with the player than the whole asset management (hell look at the stretch taking deHaan at 12 was for the Isles - every draft expert had him in the mid-20s) and a lot of hypothetical talk which may or may not have happened at the draft.

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