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05-30-2010, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
I forgot to meniton, what if Slovakia got relegated next year in their own tournament? Would you/they be happy waiting two years to play on A-level again?

Financial aspects have been mentioned several times before but since Canadian posters still seem to ignore it, think about this way: what effect would it have on Hockey Canada if they didn't get to host a single IIHF event for 10 years?
Yeah, and itīs not only about those four nations that get relegated/promoted, what would happen with all the divisions of the WHC and through what would those countries finance their programmes if not from the profits of the top pool WHC.

I would be really pissed if the 2011 WHC was not played and we got the World Cup instead sides many other factord also because it would mean that we would lose a lot of money, half of the profits from the WHC which are meant to go into youth hockey development over here.

With all respect, the fact just is that the majority of Canadian fans/press donīt see past Canada, at best they also see the US, Russia or Sweden. Outside that thereīs nothing much. Letīt not even speak about the lower divisions, Iīd say that 90+% of them couldnīt even tell me the number of divisions of the IIHF WHCīs. And the NHL is no different.

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