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05-31-2010, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Failure By Design View Post
Correct. I never stated them as fact.

You are saying... Who says YOU are right?

Yeah... Not relevant. Good players who got traded away from Florida had good careers?! Shocking discovery.

Obviously you do or you wouldn't have picked my short response apart and put words in my mouth.

Your list doesn't mean anything, maybe if all of those players had asked for a trade you could claim they don't like playing there but obviously that isn't the case.

You may not want to believe the rumors but that doesn't change the fact that they could be true. You don't want them to be true so you discredit them, that is fine and dandy but you don't know that there is no truth to them.

When did I say he wasn't going to be an effective player?

So did Lemiuex but that is besides the point because the game has changed.

To clarify my position on this, I don't have anything against Horton I think he could help this team. I simply stated that there are rumors saying he lacks character. I also think that the cost will be too high for the Rangers.
Regarding the cost to acquire him, as I said Florida clearly needs defense and that is something the rangers have to offer. Given the cap numbers it might actually be a deal they can swing. So I disagree that the price is too high.

Zherdev was a top ranked pick too and wasn't too expensive. Perhaps you disagree ?

I never said I was right, I said the rumors are just that. RUMORS. I am choosing to believe the rumors aren't true. Could they be true ? yes the could. wow you score some debating points ! There also COULD be a giant earthquake in NY that destroys the garden tomorrow or gold could sell for $2000 an ounce.

a shocking discovery that Florida players go on to have good careers eh ? name some Columbus drafted players that were traded that went on to have a successful careers. They certainly had lots of chances.

Do you know for a fact that said Florida players never asked for a trade ? If not then your point is moot and will go under the "rumor" category which we have already determined is subjective and thus not relevant.

So if Horton CAN be effective (which you agree with)
and CAN be acquired (TBD) and the price is not TOO high (TBD)
and the rumors are well just that RUMORS (irrelevant)

you still don't want him ?

Florida also has the #3 overall pick so I think there is wiggle room

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