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05-31-2010, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Simply not true. Carcillo was a factor in the Boston series with his bodychecks and speed, until he hurt his knee. That he kept playing is a testament to his guts. That he came out for Carter made sense because he wasn't 100%.

Lavy has the luxury of 13 forwards who can play, someone has to sit.

Tonight it's JVR. Next game it could be any one of Carcillo, Asham, Powe or Laperriere (didn't think he did ANYTHING in game 1 except miss a glorious chance) .

The boys know that they have to play great or sit. That's not going to hurt at all - we'll see all the guys on the bubble flying again. I was ready to sit Asham for Carcillo vs. Montreal for game 5, then Asham steps up and plays the game of his life.... We need our whole team to do that tonight.

Win tonight and we have a good chance at the Cup. Lose tonight and it's going to be a lot harder. Therefore, win tonight.
Look, if he is hurt, you dont put him back in. I do think Lavy likes him though, hense why we keep seeing him on the top line for some reason. Even if he is good along the boards (he isnt amazing, but he is alright at doing that) that isnt a reason to put him on the top line. You know he wont get points, we all know that. The only thing he brings is his agitating, which he hasnt done since the NJ series. He just skates around out there, makes a few passes and hops on the bench. I think thats a complete waste on a line you hope will put up points. Now instead of worring about Gagne-Richards-Carter, they are going to focus more on just Richards and Carter. And I know what people are gonna say "Well then that leaves Carcillo open to score!" Well, the Hawks are gonna take that chance then, because the percentage is low enough not to worry about it.

All I am saying is, that scoring wasnt our problem last game. We score goals, we just couldnt stop them. Im glad Parent is out for Bart (is it Parent or Krajicek?)

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