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09-30-2003, 12:14 PM
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Go to the trade board and try posting a bs trade rumor and see what happens. I can tell you that it will be closed AND that you would be suspended for three days on your first offence. Call someone any of the names that are allowed to happen at LGK and the same thing will happen. Usually within an hour of the post going up. I guess it is that they are just more on the ball here but like you said, LGK is very popular. I also like the fact that the Mods aren't allowed to take their personal grudges to the boards here. There was one here last year that did that tried that and he was gone in about a week.

I do think though that there is allot of great stuff at lgk. I just never post there because of the things I have mentioned. It is a great site for info. HF is just more of the place for the adult kings fan to come in and talk about the team.

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