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06-01-2010, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Hobgoblin Steve View Post
Well to the above poster, my doctor (surgeon) had told me that some people can still play sports while having an ACL tear. Its a low population, but you seem to be one of the few. He told me that the people that can play likee that often feel iscomfort after playing, or it will pop in and out, but nothing that they cant live with. He then told me that most people like that elect to get surgery just because they dont want to deal with the annoyance. Anyway, thats what it sounds like to me
Well good luck wuith the rehab and I am glad you could get that done.

My partial bicep tendon tear is okay almost one year later without surgery, the surrounding muscles are bigger to compensate and yes there is some annoyance with one bicep being 25% weaker than the other.

The tear affects the screwdriver motion of the bicep and did not affect shots in hockey thankfully.

I am sure you will be absolutely perfect after your surgery is healed and rehabbed.

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