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06-01-2010, 08:11 AM
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if you search the board for "hockey stop" lots of people have asked and got answer.

Bacisicly you just turn and sit to accomplish a stop.

playing B level hockey w/o being able to stop or use your edges is amazing! but then again you are playing in FLA and not Canada eh.

you really need to get more ice time (not game) to work on stops, edge work, and skating with your head up. try to find stick and puck rather than public skate if you can. Public skate is okay if that is all you can find but stick and puck will put you out on the ice with hockey players who you can watch and ask for tips.

The way I teach hockey stops to kids is:

Skate forward then turn in one skate so your blades look like this (see below)

| \ and sit into the stop then, / \ and sit into the stop again then, \ \ and sit into the stop


/ | sit, / / sit.

when I say sit I mean knees over your toes and butt down, not butt in the ice

good luck.

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