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06-01-2010, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by slovakiasnextone View Post
Maybe you donīt know much about the European soccer championship, but that is a very stupid comparison.
No it is not a stupid comparison, in the Euro championships not all of the world's teams compete, just like in the world cup of hockey.

The soccer Euro is organized by an official governing body of the sport on one continent- UEFA, where every single nation from the continent, who wants to participate gets their chance in the qualifiers, even the amateurs from small San Marino, whose best players are from like Italian 3rd league and who constantly get blown out.

How exactly does that compare to a tournament, which is organized by a league, whose main intent is to promote itself (and therefore invites teams, who actually have NHL players) and where not only the teams like Hungary or Croatia, but also teams of the level of Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark or Norway donīt get a chance to particpate. Please donīt tell me, it is cuz of bigger differences in the level of play, I can quite assure you that the drop off between Canada and Denmark is a zillion times smaller than the drop off between Spain and San Marino in soccer.
You already have the World Championships that involve "all teams". However, they are held when the best league in the world with many of the best players is STILL PLAYING! How are you supposed to have a legitimate WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP without the best players in the world?

If Hockey Canada and Hockey USA organize a continental North American Hockey Cup, please, then you can compare it to the soccer Euro, but to compare the soccer Euro and Hockey "World" Cup is totally stupid. Plus, compared to those "annual friendlies" as you call the WHC, this so called "World" Cup is not even annual.
No it is not, neither is the soccer world cup, what is your point?

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