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06-01-2010, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Well first you need a stick that you can flex, how big is he and what flex is he using?

With wristers, you flex the stick by pushing through and down with the bottom hand while pulling back with the top hand.

Watch what Cammalleri does here:

I'm about the same size as Cammalleri but because I'm not an NHL'er, see that I don't flex the stick as much, even though I'm using about 65 flex and he uses 80 (about :58):

It looks like you are going to fall over with your wrist shot maybe start behind your back foot a little more and release the puck a little sooner. The stick looks like it could be a little short for you (it could be the way you are shooting but it looks like you lean over top of the puck a little to much maybe try bending your knees more).

You want to come across your body more start behind your back foot and as you bring it across your body you put weight on the stick with your bottom hand and pull with your top hand remember to follow through your blade should also turn over and "point". When I do it outside I normally do a crossover with my feet to bring the puck along more and give me a little momentum with the shot and with the follow through you should have your stick pointed towards the spot you are shooting.

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