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Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
Kozak je klúčový hráč - nosí klúče od šatne. [Kozak is a key player, he carries the keys to the dressing room].

Weiss will use a formation with one striker I would imagine. Who will it be? Sestak to start and then later in the game replaced by Jendrisek or Vittek?
Šesták to start definitely, but I believe that the first choice replacement is Hološko (if he´s 100% fit) ahead of Vittek and Jednrišek.

Originally Posted by Kamzik View Post
One more quick question, what is the nickname of the team? I have heard Repre (The Representatives). There is another one, something about Fighting Jondas - but I doubt that is true and never heard it used before by a proper Slovak.
There´s no real nickname.

Never heard of the Fighting Jondas one.

Repre pretty much just is a short version of "reprezentácia" (national team) and can be used when refering to pretty much any sport. It also is used by the Czechs for their national teams.

Though from what I´ve noticed , the media over here started to use "weissovci" recently.

Btw, most of them actually write "Weissovci" vitha capital W, but that is wrong and it should be with a "v" acc. to the Slovak language rules if not refering to the Weiss family alone. Just like "štúrovci" ....

EDIT: New football anthem by Katka Knechtová - Slovensko na nohy - Slovakia (rise) to your feet:

To be hones, I think that Knechtová can do better than that and I liked "Slovensko do toho!" one better.

EDIT2: Official motto for Slovakia in SA
Shake the green field: Go Slovakia!
Ideme na to: Slovensko do toho! - svk version

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