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09-30-2003, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
That intermission would be the Hot Stove I think. It's a bunch of buffoons, most of the time having no idea what they are talking about.

The buffoons you are refering to are Ron Maclean ( Don Cherry's sidekick) but knows alot about hockey...John Davidson ( associated with the Rangers) Al Strachan ( Toronto Sun sports writer) and usually a guest...I know the one time Paul Maurice was on.

I think their evaluation of Pyatt would be alot more accurate then your rambling on about something you dont even know what your talking about.

Pyatt is quick and I think pretty good skater for his size also was dominant in juniors as an 18 year old....why do you think he was drafted 8th overall

Pyatt was never dominant in the juniors. He never had the chance because he was quickly rushed into the NHL by the incompetent Isles' management. He was drafted after a 37 goal years (which is not big numbers for a junior player) and then had a 90 point year. He never really had a chance to put up the sort of 120+ point season that might be characterized as "dominant" in the CHL. Instead, he put up good to very good numbers.

1997-98 Sudbury Wolves OHL 58 14 17 31 104 10 3 1 4 6
1998-99 Sudbury Wolves OHL 68 37 38 75 95 4 0 4 4 6
1999-00 Sudbury Wolves OHL 68 40 49 89 98 12 8 7 15 25

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I don't think he'll be very good. I think he will be a wonderful player, and I was very sorry to see him traded from the Island. I just don't think it is realistic to say he was dominant as a junior. He would have been dominant if the Isles have let him develop in Sudbury (which is what should have happened), but that is another issue.

Man, do I ever miss Oleg Kvasha. If Oleg was here, everything would be OK.
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