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06-01-2010, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by slovakiasnextone View Post
Have you missed that part about organized by an official governing body of the sport one one continent. Since when did the NHL become the UEFA of hockey? Its a continental championship (and all od the other continents have a championship of their own organized by their continental governing body) , so it is not the same as some tournament organized by a league. All countries from all around the world have a chance to compete in their own continental tournament.
It seems you are missing the point of I do not care about the "official governing body". I care about quality of the games being played. That is the analogy I am refering too with respect to the Euro Championships and the World Cup. I don't care about the IIHF, Brussels, NATO, the UN or any other political entity, I care about the ****ing game.

The Football World Cup has been played regularly every four years since 1930, except for 1942 and 1946 because of WWII and is a tournament that is well respected all around the world by all federations and fans. The World Cup of Hockey was last played in 2004, which is 6 years ago and over here for example, people have only very vague memories about the tourney.
Then it is time to make it every 4 years.

Im not sure why youre dragging the IHWC into this when comparing World Cup of Hockey and the football Euro, but if you want. That "many of the best players in the world" argument is a legend made up by Canadians, because this year the tournament was played when for the most part only 4 teams were left in the competition in the SC play-offs and the number of the top world players in those teams is minimal compared to the 26 teams that were out of the competition by then. What makes the IHWC much less legitimate and the quality of the teams lower is IMO players from those 26 NHL teams already out of competition that declined to represent their country. Or are you going to claim that if the IHWC was played after the SC finals, these same players would not have declined? Plus, it would mean loads of players from KHL, SEL etc. not participating considering that their last leage games were in early April.
My point has to do with seeing the best players play. None of the top countries in the world championships has had their best roster for decades. Teams B, C, D, etc is not my idea of a World's best competition. Don't give me the "made up by Canadians" crap either, none of the teams have their best roster at the World championships. I want to see the best teams from Slovakia, Finland, Canada, etc... play.

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