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06-01-2010, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Nakawick View Post
It seems you are missing the point of I do not care about the "official governing body". I care about quality of the games being played. That is the analogy I am refering too with respect to the Euro Championships and the World Cup. I don't care about the IIHF, Brussels, NATO, the UN or any other political entity, I care about the ****ing game.

Then it is time to make it every 4 years.

My point has to do with seeing the best players play. None of the top countries in the world championships has had their best roster for decades. Teams B, C, D, etc is not my idea of a World's best competition. Don't give me the "made up by Canadians" crap either, none of the teams have their best roster at the World championships. I want to see the best teams from Slovakia, Finland, Canada, etc... play.

I think there's a big point to be made about the difference between an official international agency and a domestic league putting a tournament on. I love the World Cup but don't think it has the legitimacy that the World Championship does. I do appreciate that it often has greater quality in terms of players, but that isn't everything. What about national program depth or seeing guys that you normally wouldn't see for various reasons. I like the best on best scenario, however not every tournament has to be what we consider "best on best" to be.

I think that the pinnacle of international tournaments is very obviously the Olympic games with the World Cup coming third after the World Championships.

Winning the World Championship, as sweet as it is, doesn't erase the Czech Olympic performance, however it is really satisfying to see our B/C team taking on the cream of the Russian crop and winning in a way that seeing our "best" out there isn't.

I love the World Cup and it's great, but at the end of the day it's a North American hockey tournament that some others are invited to participate in that happens maybe once or twice in a decade. It's exciting and there are bragging rights to be sure, but I personally value the World Championship more.

Just my point of view.

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