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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Thats an interesting topic that you've chosen to write on.

As has already been stated your biggest issue will be obtaining information that you'll be able to actually use a source because companies don't give up that information very easily.

An area that should have lots of information that has only been touched on in the above posts that might also be of interest is the trend of manufacturers going from producing goods in-house in North America/Europe to outsourcing the production component of their supply chain to third party manufacturers in lesser developed countries. No Logo author Naomi Klein or googling Nike + sweatshops should turn up some hits.

Good luck and please post your essay on the board.
Lol, I'm afraid Im not gonna post my essay, being that it is an official IB document and due to privacy/plaigarism concerns. I will post snippets of research however

Originally Posted by Faryn View Post
1) It depends on what type of equipment you are looking at Graph would be a major one for hockey skates as well as some protective equipment (they make nice gloves, shoulder pads, and used to make good pants). Tackla would be a big one for hockey pants (the best hockey pants in terms of protection IMO). Eagle makes beautiful player gloves and used to be big in Goalie equipment not sure if they still are.

2) This would depend on the area in question but I would say overall the entry level price point will increase the most because hockey is a growing sport in many European countries as well as in some states in the US.

3) Hockey gear will continue at around the same price range with peaks in cost for high-end equipment when ever new technology comes out - ex. when one-piece sticks entered the market.

4) the best place would be to contact retailers IMO (work for one) to see how the products perform in that area though I would try to do it in a few different markets because for example in the market I work, high-end equipment does very well and Graph skates would probably be second behind Bauer in sales for skates and Eagle would be second behind Bauer in players gloves (maybe even first) and I could see an increase in intermediate sales with a decrease in entry-level equipment sales within this market.

My two-cents
I'm considering Graf as well for my number 5 position behind TPS-Sherwood, but for brands like Tackla or Eagle, I won't consider those as I'm looking into the entire industry, not just goalie stuff or gloves etc.

Price Range: That makes sense, I've noticed that intermediate/elite level products have always risen in price each year, while there will always be the $60 or $70 entry level stick

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