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06-01-2010, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadaRules View Post
Players who aren't in the playoffs or were eliminated in the 1st/2nd round generally don't go to the WHC due to injuries, a long season, and because the Cup means alot more than a WHC gold around here to the players. Losing in the playoffs leaves players with a big hangover and most dont bother going to the WHC because of that hangover.
And who is to blame for that? Don´t tell me that the IIHF. It´s the NHL´s long season and the players themselves.

What exactly should the IIHF do to make these players play at the WHC? Please propose something that would not also influence the position of teams with 50+% Euro league players in the tournament, which actually is around a half of the teams in a 16 team tournament. Eveyone is so smart when finding the IIHF´s and the IHWC´s faults, but noone has been able to give an alternative that wouldn´t influence the other teams without NHL players in any way or wouldn´t destroy the lower divisions of the WHC.

Plus, are those players who didn´t make the play-offs (and many of whom knew they wouldn´t make it for a long time) also hung over? Or are they any more tired than players from European leagues, who have sometimes played 10-15 exhibition games in the summer, played whole regular season in Europe and have made it all the way to their league´s finals, also have played numerous games in international friendly games/tournaments during the international breaks (November, December, February + exhibition games/tournaments rigth before the WHC), which often gives you mroe than those 82 games in the NHL? And you don´t see these players declining an IHWC invite very often even if they lose in their league final, which I´m quite sure gives you a bigger hangover than not making the NHL play-offs does.

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