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06-01-2010, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Nakawick View Post
My point has to do with seeing the best players play. None of the top countries in the world championships has had their best roster for decades. Teams B, C, D, etc is not my idea of a World's best competition. Don't give me the "made up by Canadians" crap either, none of the teams have their best roster at the World championships. I want to see the best teams from Slovakia, Finland, Canada, etc... play.
Originally Posted by slovakiasnextone View Post
Made up by Canadian is the part when those players are missing only because of the SC play-offs. The fact is that the majority of the teams were missing most of their top players because those players had/or claimed to have different reasons for declining the invite to the national team: injury, family, tired etc. This is not only for the NHL team players out of play-offs already, but true also for many KHL, SEL etc. players who could have been available, but decided not to play or couldnīt play because of injuries. Therefore I cease to see how you can claim that many of the top players were missing , because of the SC play-offs only. The majority of them were not there because they declined to participate for different reasons.
You just agreed with me whether you realized it or not. The World Championships does not have the same players who decline to play for many reasons, the most important reason is that it is simply not as important to the players, so spare me with your "made up by Canadian".

Even if you donīt care, itīs still a wrong comparison. You claim to care for the quality- and therefore you want to see (and see) the teams with the best players on paper in the World Cup of Hockey, however the participants of the Football Euroe are not decided by someone base on quality on paper rather than real games on the pitch. Therefore upsets are bound to happen and usually you have a situation where at least one if not more top Euro national teams donīt play in the final tournament, while some weaker teams might. Example- England didnīt make it to Euro 2008, but was Poland who actually played there a better squad than England at that time? I seriosuly doubt it.
The World Championship is held every year. The lower ranked teams play in that,,......EVERY YEAR!

I also care about the level of hockey I will see in the one or ther other tournament, but I care about more than just the quality of the players on paper. What does the playersī quality on paper give me when I have to watch them play in August when theyīre all out of form. I have seen most of our NHL players actually play a game last summer and while it was just an exhibition game against the Slovak league champion it was clear to me that at that time they were not capable of playing world class hockey at that time of the year. It didnīt look to me like they were capable of playing at the level that most of the top teams at the WHC in May usually do actually.
One exhibition game for fun doesn't equal playing for your country. The World Cup would be held in September when players would normally be back into hockey. If players know ahead of time that there is a World Cup then they will plan to stay in better shape for the summer months. Also, September is when most players will be at their healtiest, not many injuries and not too tired to play like at the World Championships.

Originally Posted by jakzed View Post
I think there's a big point to be made about the difference between an official international agency and a domestic league putting a tournament on. I love the World Cup but don't think it has the legitimacy that the World Championship does. I do appreciate that it often has greater quality in terms of players, but that isn't everything. What about national program depth or seeing guys that you normally wouldn't see for various reasons. I like the best on best scenario, however not every tournament has to be what we consider "best on best" to be.
Not every tournament is a best on best, that is why I think the World Cup is better. Between the World Cup and Olympics, the best on best would happen every 2 years IF the World Cup is held every 4 years. The IIHF at one point wouldn't allow Canadian NHL players to even play, now they are openly criticisng them. I don't have the same level of support for the IIHF.

I think that the pinnacle of international tournaments is very obviously the Olympic games with the World Cup coming third after the World Championships.
I simply don't have the same love for the World Championships as I do a best on best.

I love the World Cup and it's great, but at the end of the day it's a North American hockey tournament that some others are invited to participate in that happens maybe once or twice in a decade. It's exciting and there are bragging rights to be sure, but I personally value the World Championship more.Just my point of view.
fair enough, but most North Americans view the World Championships as a European tournament. I would like the World Cup to happen every 4 years and rotate between Europe and NA. I have a feeling that Prague would be quite excited to see the Czech National Team play the best team from Sweden or Canada. Pretty sure that the building would be sold out

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