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06-01-2010, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Nakawick View Post
You just agreed with me whether you realized it or not. The World Championships does not have the same players who decline to for many reasons, the most importnat reason is that it is simply not as important to the players, so spare me with your "made up by Canadian".

The World Championship is held every year. The lower ranked teams play in that,,......EVERY YEAR!

One exhibition game for fun doesn't equal playing for your country. The World Cup would be held in September when players would normally be back into hockey. If players know ahead of time that there is a World Cup then they will plan to stay in better shape for the summer months. Also, September is when most players will be at their healtiest, not many injuries and not too tired to play like at the World Championships.

Not every tournament is a best on best, that is why I think the World Cup is better. Between the World Cup and Olympics, the best on best would happen every 2 years IF the World Cup is held every 4 years. The IIHF at one point wouldn't allow Canadian NHL players to even play, now they are openly criticisng them. I don't have the same level of support for the IIHF.

I simply don't have the same love for the World Championships as I do a best on best.

fair enough, but most North Americans view the World Championships as a European tournament. I would like the World Cup to happen every 4 years and rotate between Europe and NA. I have a feeling that Prague would be quite excited to see the Czech National Team play the best team from Sweden or Canada. Pretty sure that the building would be sold out
The made up by Canadians part is abotu how it is because of the SC play-offs. because it´s not as I´ve clearly pointed out, how many times doI have to repeat myself??

The World Championship has nothing to do with comparing the World Cup of Hockey and football Euro

The World Cup of Hockey pretty much is just an exhibition tournament. And the hockey games I´ve seen in September were pretty low quality compared to games played in May by the same teams, while those teams were actually preparing for those games since July. You´re not getting any world class hockey in September.

I believe you are totally off with those people in Prague. Why should they want to see those best players who didn´t show anything in the Olympics and tied Latvia in the pre-quarterfinal game and then almost all declined to come to what to those fans is the 2nd hockey highlight in an Olympic year (No. 1 in the non-Olympics year) and most probably the fans would have to give out unreasonably big money to see those games ? Many of the Czech fans actually currently call them "primadony"- divas right now. Check out the thread with Jágr´s quotes on here to see some of the Czech fans reactions on here.

The Czech fans would currently much rather see their WHC gold winning crew around Jágr play. Because those guys actually got a heart
that beats for their country.

jakzed has already pointed out that the WHC gold means more than the World Cup to him. IMO the general public in CZE doesn´t know that much anything about the World Cup of Hockey, but everyone there knows that they won the WHC.

Cheering on this Czech team to win the tournament, I would give anything to see the faces of the Czech players who declined because they were "tired" when the team was getting the gold medals or celebrating in the locker room. No Czech player would rather sit at home on the coach than have a gold medal from the WHC around their necks. They just thought they wouldn´t get any, so tehy decided not to come.

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