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03-14-2005, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
He may have hurt two players, but it's not always obvious to the officials that players are injured. I've had situations where I've assessed minors, and the player left the game after the fact (and had the nerve to whine about the minor not being a major), and I've had the opposite where I've tossed players for fouls that didn't see the other player leave.

It's all a matter of judgment. If any league suspended me because they simply disagreed with my penalty selection, I'd quit.

If they failed to enforce an automatic rule (5 penalties = Game Misconduct), then the suspension is justified. That would be like me assessing a Major penalty (for anything) and not the automatic Game Misconduct (under HC rules).

Swearing at school officials is one thing, but suspended from school for game action is crap. We had a high school tournament here last year, and the school officials wanted us to report any profanity we heard on the ice. They wanted to suspend players from school for one f-bomb, no matter what the intention of the word. Do you think any of the officials abided by that? Obviously most of these school officials have no idea how hockey is played...and what is even more ironic, is that the next week in an adult rec game, I ended up gassing one of those high school teachers for calling me a f'ing c***su**er.
Swearing on the ice is fine and nobody was getting in trouble for that. But injuring players? When told to calm down by the police in the stands the player laughed.

Not obvious? Paramedics came on the ice for one kid because he was so woozy, the other just sat on the back bench the rest of the game so maybe not as obvious.

Let me guess, you think that Bertuzzi and McSorley shouldn't be charged because "that's the game"?

In speaking with a league official tonight at a game he compared the ugliness of the game I am speaking to... "if a cop pulls somebody over for speeding then let's him go only to pull the same car over for speeding 5 miles down the road and have it keep happening with only warnings being given" To the kid, 2 minutes in the box was nothing, he should've been tossed and come to find out the officials haven't just been suspended, they've been banned and according to this league official they have said they won't appeal the decision.

I'm sorry but if you let a kid stay in the game for throwing elbows, high sticks, etc. over and over and over again especially with the game clearly in the bag, I'd have to question your worth as a ref. I've seen pro refs toss players with 5-10 minutes left in a game that was wrapped up just to keep the peace.

Now tonight, two players were rushed to the hospital with serious knee injuries, neither the result of a play but it took a cop to run on the ice to stop a play because the ref would not blow the whistle even after he saw the kid (approximately 30-45 seconds the kid was on the ice). Without exaggeration the police officer swung one of the doors open and ran over to the kid finally forcing the officials to blow the whistle.

Needless to say, I was told by the league official there will be a complete overhaul of the officiting in RI as it has gotten atrocious.

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