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03-14-2005, 10:57 PM
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OK...........I Capiche...........

Ya I know that one was the biggest surprise of all even for me........I was reading a hockey book at the local Library where they were talking about the early NHL years and the rules that have been added since then........I first remember them saying "No Forward Passing allowed" which you corrected me on when I said "no Backwards passing"....I knew it was one of those...THEN from this book as well it also stated that the players were not allowed to wind up their hockey sticks to take a shot on Net......this was changed sometime between when this Forward passing rule was passed and the late 1940s when the NHL was experimenting with alot of the rule changes to their game........the players who wanted to take a shot on net back then had to sort of SNAP it with the blade of their stick on the ice...a snapper or a wrist shot was allowed but no shots where the player would first have to wind up with his stick leaving the surface of the ice.......there were alot of rule changes back then like:

1929: The first offside rule is introduced.

1931-32 - Though there is no record of a team attempting to play with two goaltenders on the ice, a rule was instituted which stated that each team was allowed only one goaltender on the ice at one time.

1937: The first rule to deal with icing is introduced.

1949: The center red line first appears on the ice.

I'm still trying to find a location on the Net where they state the date that was set when the NHL finally allowed for their players to take the Slapshots.


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