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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
Its one of the most prestigious medical programs in the world and a leading research university. Its consistently in the top 60 in world rankings. The other programs are nice and all I'm sure, but its the medical side of thing that puts Pitt up there. On rankings and affiliation scales it would be in the top third of the Big Ten.

Its still far from the best institution in Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon), but of D-1 programs its in that second wave of academic programs (effectively about a third of the Pac-10 is the top tier).

I grew up a Penn State, for the record, and when it comes to the FBS I am still a Penn State guy. Pitt just fits the Big Ten persona so perfectly. The only ARWU Top 100 listed school that the Big Ten invited in this group would be Rutgers, who at spot #55 ranks lower than Pitt (50). In the present Big Ten only Iowa isn't ranked in the top 100. Even then Iowa ranks higher than Nebraska (Iowa in the top half of the 100s, Nebraska in the lower...they don't specify rankings past 100. Notre Dame & Missouri are on the same level as Buffalo and Southern Florida).

Though lists like that tend to change drastically year-to-year (Carnegie Mellon has top 5 rankings and is #59 there. Washington University in St. Louis (#29) is not a lesser institution than Minnesota (28), etc.).
Seriously. Pitt happens to be a pretty good school, and I'm not saying that just because I'm a student there.

Anyway, I would be totally for a move to the Big 10. As you've said, they seem to be a perfect fit for the conference. However, Pitt will lose Jamie Dixon if they move and that's one of the reasons many are ambivalent. Even though Dixon made the BBall program what it is today (along with Ben Howland), Pitt is historically a football school and hopefully Pederson (our AD) will release that and push for it harder.

I know that's a bit off-topic, but people should know what the full backstory is. A lot of students are very split about this topic, but the money, exposure, and increase in academic standards (which are already good, thank you) among other positives far outweigh staying in a struggling Big East conference.

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