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06-01-2010, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by blackcharger View Post
Good videos,but,still not really an explanation on wieght transfer,ect.Here's my thoughts.Pull stick back,wieght goes onto back leg ,as you begin to push the stick forward you lean on it to flex it and slide the stick forward to release the puck.But how do you keep enough wieght on the stick to keep it flexed while sliding it forward,It doesn't want to move very much while leaning on it.There must be a video or something somewhere to explain how to release the flex.I'm not trying to be difficult ,but,it just seems like by loading the stick you can't get any speed while sliding it.I find all this quite confusing.
What is your height, weight and the flex of the stick you're using?

Also, you have to go through the motions in one fluid motion or you'll lose the flex. It's near impossible to hold the stick in a flexed state on the ice. I could be wrong but it sounds like you're working out how to simply flex it, not flex it during a shot.

I'm a noob but this is how I think it should go: Pull stick back, drop lower hand to about half way point on stick (maybe a little higher), lean body into stick pushing down slightly with lower hand, use both hands to drag the stick forward (top hand ahead of lower hand), once hands are about fully extended snap the top hand back and drive with lower hand all while rolling wrists over the top of the stick. Do all that in half a second. The Cammalleri vid above is a great look at it.

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