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03-14-2005, 11:38 PM
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(((I have a question for you. (Again, not an attack. This is a sincere question). If you're convinced that players from before 1967 couldn't compete with modern players, why have you decided to participate in an all-time draft?)))

Hockey Outsider............

Thanks for your kind words.....this is probably where you and most others have the misunderstanding about me.....

(1) I never said that the players from the past weren't great

(2) I said the great players from the past in their day were great and I have all the respect for them in the world....they did however play in a different Era.

(3) The greats from the past ON AVERAGE are not as great as the greats from today EXCEPT for a handful of players like the Bobby Hulls, Bobby Orrs, Gordie Howes and the Richard brothers for example......

(4) Gretzky and Lemieux how would they both compare with the players from the future?....well first of all I don't have a crystal ball in front of me...plenty of things could happen...there could be OTHER GRETZKY's and LEMIEUX's down the road BUT that would only be speculation on both our parts....having said that I have said that the Bobby Orrs and the Bobby Hulls would still be stars in today's NHL so I guess the same would have to be said regarding Gretzky and Lemieux for the future........

(5) I've decided to participate in an alltime draft for a number of reasons like the following:

(a) It's Free

(b) I have waaaaay too much time on my hands

(c) I love Hockey it's my favorite sport

(d) I like the history of sports ESPECIALLY where it pertains to Hockey.

(e) I have great respect of the players from the past

(f) I have the right to select for my team whomever I wish to have on them if they are still available for selection

(g) I have the freedom to debate whether or not I have a great team or not with others in our draft just like I have been doing up until now.

(h) My opinions are not always going to mesh with yours and others and I can live with that why are some of you having a real tough time with that?


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