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06-02-2010, 08:59 AM
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Last night at the shooting range I was shooting pretty hard just standing on one foot.

I think what we need to do is separate two motions:

1. Forward Momentum
2. Weight Transfer

If you think about transferring weight from your back leg to your front, that doesn't accomplish anything. All you're doing is moving your body weight to another limb that has nothing to do with the stick.

Now if you skate as fast as you can and then shoot, your shots will be much harder because of your forward momentum, you're going to be adding 10-15 mph on to your shot just because you're already moving that fast.

So when it comes to weight transfer, don't think about moving weight from one leg to another, but from putting your body weight into the stick, and that's going to happen at your bottom hand.

Try standing on your back leg and putting your stick in a wrist shot position. Get a good balance (have your leg centered under your body). Now lean on the stick. Lean into your bottom hand while pulling your top hand back. That's how you transfer your weight INTO the stick.

I might be way off base here, but I played around with that for a good while last night and it made sense and my shots were a lot better than the above video where I was just trying to step and shoot like you're supposed to.

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