Thread: Confirmed with Link: Canucks Sign F Anton Rodin
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06-02-2010, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by LostMyGlasses View Post
I agree, although the AHL is populated with men as well.

I just believe playing in the AHL would give him the experience necessary to know that there is a flying elbow coming towards his head, or to know when guys like Patrice Cormier are on the ice. I honestly don't know if you get that in Sweden.
I slightly amended my post to include the fact that the Swedish league likely has more skilled "men" playing on their top lines. There are definitely some talented career SEL players. In the AHL it's more a ragtag collection of the NHL washouts (the "men") and young potential hotshots (the Schroeders of the world).

While it may suit Rodin to develop that kind of game, at this point I think I'm more interested in seeing him develop his offensive game. Learning to take a hit -- or, hopefully, avoid one -- is something he can probably pick up in the NHL with some guidance from players such as the Sedins (who have adapted masterfully). But if he doesn't get a chance to play and develop his offensive game, he'll never amount to anything -- he certainly doesn't project as someone suitable for third or fourth line duty outside of when he's learning the ropes.

It's good news that he's grown a few inches and put on a few pounds. If he manages to come to camp in 2011 at 185-190 pounds he'll have a leg-up on where the Sedins were early in their career.

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