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Originally Posted by Loktionov View Post
Johnson makes 1.4 mio $ <-> that is the same number that Cloutier made last year for "playin'" and about 1.3mio $ less then what Preissing gets on year. Brown made 2.450 mio $ this season, for a captain who will score 25-30 goals a year and is known for physical play.
Why didn't you pick on other players I listed?!!

And how many goals did Samuelson score on us in the playoffs? What does he make again?

And yes it's up to the player and what he expects and is willing to accept. The NHLPA will make sure he gets every cent from his contract and that's their job. Not contract negotiations lol.
I fail to see how you argument holds up, Brown and Johnson so far are making what they should. Brown maybe should be making a little more. But his contract was signed early.
Like I said you have probably never worked for a Union. There job is to make sure you make top dollar at your position according to your skill level in any setting. And to protect your labor rights.

That's why companies avoid them like the plague and everyone wants to work for one. Or create one in the job place.

Now they don't have any direct contact .....But if you think they are not involved under the table your live under a rock.

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