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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
I fail to see how you argument holds up, Brown and Johnson so far are making what they should.
You really think 1.4 mio$ is top what Johnson could have commanded?

There are no union representatives on the negotiating process, nor are there other GM's making under table proposals as this would be tempering and would be a violation of the CBA. Is it that hard to you to understand this?
The NHLPA comes in play after the player & organization have already agreed on a contract and they can only refuse to accept a contract if it violates the CBA. There is no such thing as NHLPA "factor" that says what contract is good/bad. And the NHLPA makes only sure that the player gets his negotiated money and other additions (good medical support, ...)
A player can get hurt/finish his career and then this so great contract looks bad (DiPietro anyone?).

The one that wants his client to make top dollars is his agent who usually gets around 5% of the contract - I know it (been there, done that - albeit I (my father) was negotiating for only around 240€/month+bonuses for games won which however is quite some income for a highschool boy).

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