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06-02-2010, 06:08 PM
State of Hockey
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Clearly less value for the two 2nds. History has shown that in two areas:

1. Draft day trades. In order to jump into the 1st round, you usually need a very high second and another second or third to jump about 3-7 spots. The most recent example is last year when Tampa traded the #32 and #75 for the #29 overall. We're not that close with the #39, and the #56 isn't fantastic.

2. Success rate (regular NHL player) of those picks. The success rate is pretty linear in a downward direction until about the #50-60 overall. After that the lowering rate of success essentially ends. By the 3rd round, the success rate is basically the same as the last round. The #56 overall is on the edge of being a valuable pick when you look at the numbers. Two chances aren't worth it when it's that far back.

If we could trade both of our 2nds for a low 1st, I'd do it right away. But I think it would take a dumb GM on the other side to agree with it.

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