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06-02-2010, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by SFKingshomer View Post
We have 2 D that can move the puck as opposed to 4 or 5 on CHI. Our D isn't close to CHI and needs at least 1 more experienced, 2 way dman. Forward depth is important but I believe we need to shore up our D before adding a Kovalchuk. This team is still 3-4 years away from advancing, IMO. A trade for Kaberle and the addition of a 2nd/3rd line LW would do wonders.
'Before adding a Kovalchuk'... you generally only get one chance to add a kovalchuk. In fact, adding a kovalchuk through ufa is practically unprecedented. So you are missing the point of timing and cashing in when you have the chance. Pass this up, it is very likely you never get another like it.

As for '3-4 yearsw from advancing'... what? Advanc@ing where? Past the first round? Why the supremely pessimistic 'tude? With the right moves we can be in the conference finals next year and playing for the cup in 2012. Scratch that, we SHOULd be.

Once again, there aqre no 'oh man never gonna get another chance like this' dmen. There will always be a Hamhuis to add. That's faaar from rare. Adding a kovalchuk is like a four leaf clover, you don't just walk paqst it without trying.

I understand not wanting him for too much of a price, or thinking we can get by with oither options, but to think its more important to add a dman right now than it is to entertain and try to sign Kovalchuk (or any other great scoring talent) is silly.

This is where I think you misread DLs comments. There are other, equally good options to add a dman, likely from within the system (read: CHEAP but effective) whereas our opprotunity for a forward, andf the likelihood of finding another great talent after this year is not nearly as strong. You can live without a dman right now, but can you loive without a Kovalchuk forever?

And forget Kovy, yoyu seem to think we don't need more sniper talent. Where will itg come from? Who will acgtually put more pucks in the net? Parse? Transition game is important, but we still lack enough finsiehrs. Of that, there is absolutely no question. Kopi can finish regularly. That's about it. That's not goodenough.

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