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06-03-2010, 01:12 AM
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Originally Posted by SFKingshomer View Post
You lost me at the cap will continue to grow. Says who? In this god awful economy? Thank god DL has his eye on the cap 3 years from now because it is very crucial to layer your contracts and not to overpay too many players.
Has there been a year yet when it went down? The cap will go up as revenues will continue to increase as the league continues its marketing campaign and hockey attracts bigger crowds. ESPN wants to show hockey again as well.

Like I said elsewhere, you guys focus way too much on the cap and not nearly enough on the players. Leave the cap to jeff Solomon, and sign the best players possible. I've yet to see a team hurt by the cap, and I have strong doubt that I will any time soon either.

And being in CAP HELL has really hurt to remaining two teams still playing hockey in June, eh?

Originally Posted by JDM
I can't operate under the assumption of paranoia and worse case scenario. Be wary of it, of course. Be smart, of course. But I just can't see a cup in the future of a team that is run with thoughts of [CAP] doom on the horizon.
Me either. Which is why for the longest time I have always scoffed at DL's statements of the absolute necessity of cap conservation, which in my view was done to minimize losses (i.e., red ink, not those on the ice) when I have yet to see teams that are at or close to the cap be handcuffed by it. While I certainly dont want Reddin or Drury's contract, somehow the Rangers still managed to sign Gaborik, and Chicago with Kane, Toews, Campbell and Huet and Keith still managed to sign Hossa. if your not going after Kovalchuk because you are worried about losing Simmonds then you need to figure out what your priorities are: Winning a Cup or keeping your payroll down (so you can always have, but never use, CAP SPACE).

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