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Originally Posted by CANES View Post
^^ I would also like to see some form of proof of this "locker room cancer" business that folks like to shout whenever Babchuk's name is mentioned. I've never seen anything in print or otherwise that could be used to back up such a statement. It always sounds to me like it's a baseless rumor some Babchuk hater spouted off and it just caught on like wildfire. I'll gladly admit I'm wrong when I see proof.
I don't know what would constitute proof, aside from a player going on the record with a newspaper. And even then, that's just one guy's opinion. So, I guess we need at least two players calling Chip and telling them they hate Babchuk's guts in order for folks to be satisfied that there won't be any "welcome home" banners for this guy on the first day of camp?

Well, I can't reach that standard of proof, although I will quote you something told to me during the 2008-09 season by somebody who would know: "The guys (pause for emphasis) *HATE* him."

I know, with 100% certainty, that that is the case. You, of course, have the right to believe whatever you want to believe.

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