Thread: Confirmed with Link: Boucher will meet the Jackets
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06-03-2010, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
Of course is wouldn't guarantee anything...but if the Molsons would have the idea that the team can't win with Martin, they will most likely have to change the coach. It can be Boucher, or it can be someone else...the point is still the same.

And we made what this year during the playoffs...20 millions? I'm pretty sure it's around this amount. So even if we just make the playoffs, the Molsons would still have profits with one round.
Why would they have this idea after we JUST made it to the ECF? We were 1 round away from the Cup Finals.

I'm not saying what you're saying is wrong, obviously if a team owner of GM feels they're coach can't win or isn't effective anymore then they will replace him. I'm saying that your comments make no sense in this particular situation. Would the Flyers fire Laviolette if they had a young coach in the minors who they didn't want to loose? No, no they wouldn't because it wouldn't make any sense just like firing Martin wouldn't make any sense right now no matter how much you or any other posters dislike him or like Boucher.

If Boucher goes you can't blame the Habs nor can they do anything to stop him from leaving. Sometimes these things happen, I hope it doesn't and I don't think it will happen as he's always said he wants to coach the Habs and you can't be in a better position to do so then he is right now in Hamilton, imo.

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