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06-03-2010, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I was trying to figure out how you made it work and then I realized you dropped the second pairing d-man that this team so desperately needs.

Can this team win a Stanley Cup in 2-3 years with Thomas Hickey and Jake Muzzin as regulars?

I don't know, maybe they can, but what happened to Voynov? I'm pretty sure they are much higher on him than they are with the other two.
That's the idea.

Refer back to the last segment of DL's interview.

Originally Posted by Lombardi
ďSo to answer your question, I could say that in a perfect world, to make this all fit with the cap numbers, youíve got those defensemen coming, so donít go get them (through free agency or trades), but the thing that might improve you the most is that guy. But heís not there, in the system, until next year. So then it goes back to your other question. If I wait for a forward internally, is there one there? WellÖ Iíve got maybe six swings on defense, and Iíve got maybe two swings up the middle, with the centers (Loktionov and Schenn). So thatís a timing issue. So like I said, if the world was going to blow up in 12 months, you might take the back-end guy. But if youíre putting it all together and you want to be a contender, you might say, `OK, itís not going to be a perfect fit here right now, but Iíve got this coming.í Iím not saying I have the answer for you, but those are all the issues. Itís very hard to say, `This is definitely the right answer.í Thatís not the nature of this job.Ē
If DL doesn't think that Hickey./Muzzin/Voynov will be top 4 regulars in two years, he probably trades one or two of them in the next year for a scorer instead of signing Kovalchuk and signs a dman instead.

If he does think they will be ready, which I believe he does, then he signs a scorer now and plugs in whoeever as #4 dman for a year.

I think one of those dman prospects HAS to hit. Its been the whole point of the rebuild, to have defensive prospects in boat loads that you can A) trade and B) have fill spots on the roster through the years.

One of those guys needs to be our Hjarlmsson (how the **** do you spell that?).

I'm good with a top 4 of Doughty, JJ, Scuderi and Voynov/Hickey/Muzzin in two years. Have to trust your scouts and your drafting.

You also have to remember, our top two 2 in two years should be vastly better than almost any other team. If JJ continues his development as expected, and Doughty gets even marginally better in two years, we don't need to stack the top 4, because we have THE BEST top 2. The middle two just need to be solid and capable of making a tape to tape pass. That doesn't need to cost 3-4 million.

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