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How to get dressed???.. really???

well.. this is how I get dressed..

dont eat 2 hours before a game if I can help it..
walk in the rink with 2 sticks always, and leave 1 in car. I use all the same curve, and stick with that curve.
open hockey bag
get naked.
put on socks for feet( I keep fresh pairs in my bag)
put on Under shirt ( i wear underarmor type material)
put on undershorts w cup "built in" with velcro on thighs for socks to stay up
put on shin guards
put on hockey socks over shinguards
put on Hockey Pants
put on skates
clear tape ONLY(because it flexes with your leg/knee) for hockey socks to hold everything tight, I tape around just below the knee, and then tuck the tongue of my skate under my shin guards, and clear tape around the leg in that area..
put on shoulder pads
put on elbows.
put on jersey
I wear a half shield, and before every game I apply defogger on the shield..
Put on helmet
stretch in the locker room. (dont waste your time and my space stretching on the ice)
go out on the ice.. get your inside and outside blades warmed up.. shoot a whole buncha pucks in warmups. skate forwards and backwards .
Play Hockey.

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