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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I could be wrong on these so if you know just post my mistakes and apologies in advance if I am.

06 3rd pick Joe Ryan, I don't think he is our property any longer (3rd round pick is Zatkov who looks good for a shot at the NHL).
07 3rd Bryan Cammeron, no longer our property.
08 3rd Wudrick, no longer our property
09 3rd Deslauriers, Still developing so say 50/50?

In order to get a true comparison you would have to rate DL against all other Gm's in during the past 4 drafts and like I said, the way I remember the 06 draft is that we selected JB and then TL in the first round and then drafted Joe Ryan in the second making him our 3rd pick but really our second rounder if I am right.

That would make JZ our 3rd and he is one of our depth goalies who might have to leave us to find his place in the NHL but he looks like he could have a shot down the road so I wouldn't count him out yet.

What I did find interesting is that in a draft year that was said to be one of the deepest in recent memory, the year that we selected DD we ended up drafting one player in the 3rd round who is no longer ours and our 4rth rounder doesn't look super promising either.

In 07 we have Holloway and Martinez both looking like they will have some sort of NHL careers (A mart already has seen limited time).

Just thought the whole thing was interesting. I wonder what DL's progression rate is among other gm's?
Ryan was a 2nd round pick.

Going by year





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