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Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
You have a very short memory. I also didn't say I love Frank McCourt, I am stating he is the best owner the Dodgers have had in a long time. The best owner the Dodgers have had since Walter McNally died.

You are forgetting the 80's and 90's under the McNallys where they let Cey and Garvey walk because they were too cheap, then after the Miracle in '88 thanks to Tommy and Gibson they overpaid for every miscreant like Darryl Strawberry, then to get cheap again once the strings of rookies of the years started.

You are forgetting the late nineties and The New Sheriff in town throwing Fox's money at everyone and handicapping the Dodgers to the point where they had to add way past their prime players like a broken down McGriff to play first, or near 50 year old Ricky Henderson? or Robin Ventura 15 years too late?

As far as Carlos Santana goes, Logan White admits that He gave the ok to trade him.

That was also almost 2 years ago and Santana still has yet to record a major league at bat.

I really think you are forgetting how lean 1982-1987 and then 1989-2003 were.

Ned has made some ****** signings in Schmidt, Pierre, Jones, Muller, etc but at least McCourt let him do it. That was certainly better than the second have of Fox's tenure or the O'Malleys from 1995-on.

Again, I agree that McCourt is FAR from perfect. Very far. But I think you are forgetting how bad Fox and Peter O'Malley were.
I can't speak for the 80's but I do know that as much as I love you, you failed to hit any of my points except Santana. Frank has done absolutely nothing for the Dodgers except destroy everything it ever stood for. He fired long time respected baseball men and replaced them with nobody. If you can tell me one thing he has done that has helped this team get where they are or even for the future then I will humbly concede.

In regards to Santana, there is no justification for trading him. They sold him for 2.5 million dollars. Logan White signing off on the trade means nothing since the trading of Santana was not a baseball move. In regards to him not seeing the MLB field all you have to know is that he's a 23 year old converted catcher playing in an orginazation loaded with great catchers. Catchers don't start in the majors before age 23, let alone a converted player. Can he play defense? Probably no worse than Martin who according to baseball prospectus calls the worst game in baseball, has way more passed balls than average and can't throw out a runner to save his life.

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