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06-03-2010, 10:16 PM
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I'm not a good hockey player at all but I have some hockey sense and I do improve every-time I go out to skate even if it's only little bits It's noticeable. sometimes not to me but the guys I skate with notice.

Anyway I'm going to be the E+ level skater on a C+ team in Sept and I was invited to join this team by a few of the guys who are starting the team in some church league. Some of the guys are hyper completive and I worried that I'll be the guy being posted about some day soon.

Dose this guy pay to play? and are you going to actually win money of fame if you have the best record for the season or end of season tournament? I do understand wanting to win but this is house league and having fun is just as important right?

If this guy you are complaining about has been on the team for a long as you say you might do well to move on. But if your ream mates all feel the same way as you then maybe you ought to talk to him in a small group and nonconfrontational (as a hockey egos can be).

I have skated with some great guys even at pickup so I have yet to deal with ego, or over motivative player yet.
Good luck dealing.

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