Thread: Speculation: Who Stays-Marleau or Nabokov?
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06-04-2010, 02:16 AM
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Originally Posted by DROPxTHExGLOVES View Post
I understand at the current moment that their is no one available for the job, however there is ways around it that I did not see the Sharks defense implement. They teach undersized defensemen like myself as soon as junior hockey that if someone is oversizing you infront of the net, get in front of them and do to them what they are doing to the goalie. Grab ice in front of them and block the puck before it gets to the screener and they get a chance to make a play. Seems simple enough, but it takes a tough player to take the bigger guys intimidation and **** in front of the net. This is a mental aspect of the game that the Sharks lacked.... a mental toughness that I spoke of previously.

If you ask me, the nuetral zone is the Sharks biggest problem. They are so bad at getting 3 men across the blue line at the same time. There passing is often horrible, them being unable to make the neccisary 2nd and 3rd passes to make something happen. I guess a lot of it boils down to speed. The general consencus seems to be the Shark need to get faster and tougher.
The Sharks didn't implement that defense because the coaching staff chose not to...not because they aren't mentally tough. They didn't want a second body screening Nabokov. Plain and simple. It isn't a lack of mental toughness. Won't argue past that because I feel that mental toughness is too easy of a crutch for criticizers to point to. It wasn't a problem with this team in these playoffs.

They definitely need to get faster up front and on the blue line. I don't feel they need to get tougher at all. They were fine in that regard and it's overrated and overstated on these boards anyway. Most people don't even know what they're talking about with it.

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