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Originally Posted by Defgarden View Post
Speaking as someone with very little experience, I'd hate that feeling of being the guy that drags people's sense of fun down because of my lack of skill. But, I do appreciate any help and advice I can get. I'd probably go that route. If the guy you speak of isn't willing to listen to your advice, then I'm not sure what to tell you.
My first season, there was this guy on my team...he was always drifting, and time and time again he was lectured on where to play, because he'd go chasing the puck from the right wing to the left defensive position at the opposite end of the ice, and where does it end up? Going around the boards to where the right winger is supposed to be. I'd be at center, and left out on an island, because I knew this guy would not cover my position if I covered his, so the defensemen had all the time and space in the world, fortunately they don't usually take slapshots at that level, or I'd have been in a world of hurt. He never improved from that aspect, and though he did score a few goals, he had to have finished about a -30 or worse in that 10 game season, where all the teams are essentially even.

He never passed the puck in the offensive zone or on the attack. Or for that matter, changed when he was supposed to, so he'd take 3-4 minute shifts and screw up the line combinations, even if he was being yelled at from the coach to get back to the bench. He didn't learn a thing that entire season. Being stuck on the ice with him, or even watching from the bench, there has been no more frustrating experience than that in my hockey playing days.

My advice is, you don't have to have skill, but don't be brain dead. Just cover your zone defensively and aware of your positioning. It's far less frustrating having a player in the right position but not being able to make a play, rather than a player who did not make a play because he or she was not in the right position.

If you are the worst player in the offensive zone, hover around the net and let the skill guys work around the outside, just tap in loose pucks...the leading scorers on my beginner level teams have not always been the most skilled players, but the ones who are always ready for rebounds around the net. If you are in a lower, more developmental league though, do carry the puck and shoot it as much as possible.

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