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Has Clark ever put a puck through the boards at MLG? Have you ever driven a goalie into the back of the net with one of your shots? The answer to both for Conacher is yes.

"He had everything. To begin with, his wrist shot was tremendous. He once blasted a puck through the boards at Maple Leaf Gardens. And he could score from anywhere - out near the blue line or in close to the net. I'll still maintain that, mechanically speaking, he was the best hockey player I ever saw." - Frank Selke on Charlie Conacher

I like the wrist shot better anyways because for me personally it's a more accurate shot....the problem with the slapshots is in some cases it might be a harder shot then the wristshot but because it's not as accurate, when some average hockey player winds up with a slapshot instead of getting it right on Net the shot either ends up somewhere in the stands or sometimes even by accident it hits the goalie in the head which is what happened to Jacques Plante when he got hit in the face with a puck...and then soon afterwards more goalies starting to follow suit and wear masks themselves like Plante did and today nobody in the NHL minds the Net without face and head protection.

Monkey your graph of player talent is reasonably accurate, but it represents the average talent level, not the level of the top players. There are more players that are very good at skating, shooting, etc., but the best players aren't much different. St. Louis won the Hart Trophy last year, does that make him the best player of all time? Your arguements seem to say that you think so. He's the best player in the best league, he must be the best player. Their is no reason that because the league talent level is lower, that the talent of the best players must be lower as well. It varies over the years, but has their been a better player in the league than Howe, Orr, Gretzky or Lemieux? They started playing pro @ 60, 40, 30 and 20 years ago. The overall talent level has climbed since they started play, but the top end talent has gone up and down as players came and went, or just got older.

Yes that's right it represents the average player...yes I agree with your assessment there with the top end talent going up and down but as well on average the top end talent has also gone up........going back to that line graph it represents the average NHLer over the years not the top end this is why I also have been saying that some of the top end players from the past would still be able to compete in todays NHL and even star in it like the Hulls, Mikitas, Orrs and Richard brothers for example.......Now, Martin St.Louis is not the best player alltime just one of the best from last you said the top end talent has gone up and down this I do agree with you...St.Louis is great but not as great as Lemieux, Gretzky or even Jagr were when these guys were in their primes...we're on the same page here.

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