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06-04-2010, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
If you can find a place that carries them, Graf makes heat moldable insoles that can help. Otherwise see a podiatrist for orthodontic insoles. Superfeet might help, but I'm not sure which ones specifically.

With my new skates, I had terrible arch pain, but having the skates punched out on the sides gave my foot enough room to flatten out and problem solved.
Can you explain what punching out skates means? Not only do my arches hurt, but my right foot toes go numb after about an hour of skating, even though I don't tie the laces that tight near the toes. I'm wearing an E width skate, but I don't think my feet are really much wider than that. I got measured at a store and tried on quite a few skates there, and the ones I bought felt great while I was there.

Honestly though, the arch pain isn't quite exactly like my arch pain that I used to get from running/exercise before I bought my custom orthopedic insoles. It's different. It's still the arches, but now my arches are kinda sore, so I suspect it's just that my foot muscles are kind of weak, since I'm not used to this sort of motion.

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