Thread: Speculation: Who Stays-Marleau or Nabokov?
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06-04-2010, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
And putting another body in front of Nabokov is just making it worse than it has to be. That's the choice coaches make when gameplanning. There's nothing wrong with that choice because it worked against Tomas Holmstrom. They were able to cut off the Wings attack before it got to the net for the most part. They didn't against Chicago. That's pretty much what it comes to. And the resolution for that is adding more speed to the lineup because that was where they consistently got beat.

Nobody fears Douglas Murray when you can just skate around him. This whole toughness spiel is vastly overrated. Toughness only matters when the skills and the speed match up. Toughness doesn't overcome a skill or speed deficiency. The toughest group of players in the world is going to get destroyed on the scoreboard by a team that is faster and more skilled than they are.
100% agree.


As for everyone else who says that Nabokov isn't an elite goaltender, they don't know what they're talking about. He is. He may not be #1 or #2, he may not even be a HOF'er (I don't think so), but he's consistently in or near the Top 5 every year. And he is better than Turco (who also lets in his share of softies and hasn't really done much in the postseason either).

I know everyone loves to rip Nabby for the occasional soft goals he gives up. Newsflash: ALL goalies give up soft goals from time to time.

Did Nabokov have a stellar series against the Hawks? No. But he did have a stellar series against Detroit. And here's the funny part about that.....statistically speaking, Nabokov's numbers against Chicago (2.87 GAA, .906 SVPCT) were actually BETTER than his numbers against Detroit (3.37 GAA, .886 SVPCT).

So what was the major difference? How about twice as many goals for in the Wings series, even with fewer shots taken. Simply put, scoring 7 goals in 4 games will not win you many postseason series no matter who you have in net.

Now, having said all that and being one of Nabby's staunchest defenders......IMO, it is time for him to go. Not because he's not an elite goaltender, but simply because he's 35+ and in today's NHL you can't afford to have $5-6 million tied up in goaltending.....and old goaltending at that. It is an important position, but the difference between an elite $5mil goalie and the difference between a mediocre $500k goalie is simply not worth 10x the difference in salary. Now *maybe* if Nabby was 25, it might be worth it to pay that kind of money to guarantee yourself a solid-to-elite goalie for years to come. But at age 35, on the decline of his career, more susceptible to injury, sacrificing/delaying the development of the team's goaltenders of the

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