Thread: Speculation: Who Stays-Marleau or Nabokov?
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06-04-2010, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by DROPxTHExGLOVES View Post
So Nabby is expected to make quality saves with another players A** right infront of his face? I respectfully disagree with that, they should have at least tried it before tossing the idea aside. It might have worked since the Sharks were slow to cut off the Hawks. I'm not saying speed wasnt a problem, but I stand by my opinion that the Sharks are just not strong/physical = Tough enough.

Perhaps it is a tad bit overated, but none the less it has its place in Hockey or it wouldnt get mentioned. Hockey is a tough guys sport and that is a fact. Knowing your going to get hit in the corner when collecting loose pucks exc. Comparing speed to toughness is like comparing apples and oranges, it just doesnt make sense. Both are needed to gain success.

Good conversation though.... Go Sharks!
Yes, Nabby is expected to make a quality save with screens in front of him. It's part of his job and it worked for them against Detroit. They had no reason to go with another plan. The screen in front wasn't really the determining factor either. The speed the team lacked kept them from collecting pucks in the attacking zone, skating through the neutral zone, stopping them in the neutral zone and at the blue line. They were chasing and losing ground to the Hawks the entire series.

As for toughness, I fully admitted it has a place in the game. Yes, the game's tough. I think every player gets that. You don't get to this point without being tough. You don't get to the Western Conference Finals without being tough. Saying it's apples and oranges is a cop out. It's just as easy to gauge a player's worth in this regard as it is to gauge a player's worth in the speed and skill regard. You need a defenseman that knows how to get a shot through from the point. However, if he's completely brain dead defensively and is slow in general, he's not worth it. Toughness isn't going to make up for getting skated around by the other team. That's what this series came down to. Toughness wasn't even a factor because they were beaten so badly up and down the ice by the Hawks' speed and skill.

You can get by with great speed and skill and a perceived lack of toughness. You can't get by without great speed and skill with a perceived abundance of toughness. Toughness, in today's NHL, is a luxury when putting together a team with the thought of winning the Cup. It can be taught and instilled into players if they buy into the coach's system. Speed cannot be taught and certain skills can't be either.

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